“Overdrive Funnel”?

The Overdrive Funnel is a system we use to assess your fitness level and provide you with a proper guide to progress. We make it our duty to make sure your safety and well being is our number 1 priority. Once we have done a Fitness Assessment with you we place you in our funnel to figure out where you fit. The end goal is to get you into our full CrossFit classes where you will have great functional movement patterns, strength and conditioning and CrossFit philosophy.


Fitness Assessment

This complimentary 1-hour assessment is where we get to know you, your goals and your fitness levels. We will take you through a physical assessment that allows us to understand your strength, mobility and knowledge so we can properly place you in the correct spot of the funnel (Personal training, Base Camp or Fundamentals). No matter your age, skill, or fitness level we will provide you with the best option.

Personal Training

Personal Training is single or tandem training that provides a high-end custom training experience that is designed specifically for you. You will get the 1 on 1 attention necessary to get you to your goals fast. With this attention to detail, we can correct injuries or movement patterns, build lean and strong muscle as well as lose body fat. This option is the best option for fitness newbies or people that want to take their fitness to the next level.

Base Camp

Base Camp is CrossFit simplified. This is a group class that allows members to learn the basic fundamentals without all the advanced CrossFit movements. In a smaller group setting with people of the same fitness level, it creates a less stressful environment to learn and grow. These workouts are the same as a regular CrossFit class but provides all the modifications you need to maintain the same high-intensity session.


Fundamentals is the next progression into CrossFit. It is mandatory that all members without previous CrossFit experience go through this process. This is a 5 session (1hr ea.) course that teaches all of the CrossFit Movements and patterns as well as the Olympic Lifting movements used in class. You can either move from Base Camp through this process or if you have shown great movement patterns in the Fitness Assessment, you can proceed to this course.


If you have previous CrossFit experience or have successfully gone through our Overdrive Funnel then you can join our CrossFit classes. At this point you have demonstrated to us that you have the ability to do all of the movement patterns safely and have the CrossFit knowledge needed. Once you have made it to these classes you will learn more advanced movements and take your fitness to a high level.

No Charge for your consult!