Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.


 Full/Part-Time Personal Trainers


Part-Time CrossFit Coach

Interested in a career with Overdrive Athletic Club?

Please Read and Apply Below:

  1. If you haven’t already, take a look through our website and see what we’re all about. Also check out our Instagram @ovrdriveathleticclub
  2. If you believe you could be a good fit, please fill out the application below!

Why a career with Overdrive is your next best decision:

Ability to earn a professional wage – We offer a high standard of coaching and with that your wage will be reflected off your performance.

Open Schedule –  You will have the ability to train your clients as much as you like on any day you choose!

Mentorship and Personal Development – You will work side by side with a coach to help take your business to the next level! Learn how to manage your clients, keep your business professional and how to market yourself on social media.

Amazing Community – We believe that we have one of the best environments around! Our fitness community is very diverse and is one of the most supportive groups around! Our staff are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of every member that walks through our doors. 

What we expect from our professionals:

Driven and Ambitious – Eager to continue to provide a high standard of coaching consistently and always wants to improve. 

Energy – Always comes in with high energy. To bring their positive energy and provide a fun experience.

Works Hard – Willing to work long hours and do whatever it takes to be successful

Natural Leader – Clients and members need a strong leader to guide them down the right path to success.

Be a good person – provide the same care and professionalism to all members equally. 

Be authentic and genuine – Be the best version of yourself every single day. The best coaches are the ones that care about their work and most importantly their clients.

We believe….

Your fitness accomplishments, how much you lift, how fast you run, or your athletic capacity does NOT indicate what kind of person you are

But being coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient and honest IS a direct reflection of your character

Applicants must have the following:

An accredited Personal Training Certification – NASM, ACE, ISSA, BCRPA, etc…

Lvl 1+ CrossFit (Coaching only)

Current First Aid/ CPR

Proficient in Google Docs/Sheets

Social Media Experience – Know how to create/post content

Experience is Preferred – ( 3+ Years for CrossFit Coach)

We are looking for highly driven individuals that expect the best from themselves and their clients. If you believe you have what it takes to be a part of our team then apply below!

* We appreciate your application but know, only qualified individuals will be contacted.