Ryan Trinidad

Ryan Trinidad


Squat: 385
Deadlift: 450
Bench: 275
Clean and Jerk: 285
Snatch: 255

About Ryan:

Ryan grew up doing Kyokushin karate from a little kid to teen. He loved playing and competing in volleyball and basketball through school. He then got back into martial arts and tried out some new things. He spent many years practicing Yoga, Reiki, Capoeira, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. During those years he wanted to get big and strong so he lifted a lot of weights. Power lifting regularly combined with lots of time doing martial arts was a nice transition to CrossFit.

Turning Point:

I remember the first days of CrossFit, it felt like I was at an adult playground. There were people swinging from things, handstands and stuff, throwing medicine balls around.

I was able to pick up things quickly in CrossFit by being around really great teachers and athletes. They were super fun people and willing to pass on their wisdom. I’ve since learnt that if you find really useful information, it’s a good idea to pass it on. I want to share my knowledge and experience through CrossFit, movement and coaching.


You are number one. Fully take care of yourself first. When you’re full that’s a great time to share.

“Service to Others: The Journey to a Greater Self. Life is a journey from dependence through independence to interdependence. Out of the fog of misdirection in service to self. To a life centered on a higher path of calling: service to others.”


CF Level 1 Certification
Gymnastics Certificate
7 Years Experience