Marco Tan

Owner/Head Coach


CrossFit Level 1 certification
CrossFit Level 2 certification
CrossFit Weightlifting
CrossFit Mobility
CrossFit KettleBell
NCCP Weightlifting
CrossFit Kids
The Movement Fix Seminar
Gymnastics Freestyle Movement Seminar
The Outlaw Training Camp
BCRPA Fitness Trainer

Squat: 420
Deadlift: 485
Clean and Jerk: 275
Snatch: 235
Diane: 2:11
Isabel 2:07

About Marco:

Marco naturally gravitated towards sports and fitness in his younger years, choosing athletics over academics. Even though he was an honour roll student, attended UBC, and played the classical violin for 15 years, he would rather pursue playing football on the field and weightlifting in the gym. Now a masters athlete, Marco has honed his 10+ years of coaching experience and expertise to continue helping others achieve their best life while personally pursuing athletic excellence in CrossFit and Weightlifting, building a professional and premier gym business and community, and being a busy father of two amazing children.

Turning Point:

Growing up in a traditional Chinese family upbringing, Marco was always taught to study hard and get good grades. He was enrolled in violin and played in an orchestra, sang in the Vancouver Bach Children’s Choir, joined higher learning academic groups, and learned multiple languages. But Marco would never be fully satisfied or happy unless he was playing, watching, or reading about sports. He would naturally excel in PE class, and against his parents wishes, joined all the sports teams in high school. Once Marco was in university, he was introduced to the gym life and weight training. This is when he realised where his passion would be and how he wanted to make an impact in this world.

Motivation & Passion:

Marco’s passion is in working out to improve overall quality of life while helping others to achieve health and happiness. Initially, Marco started weight training to look better, build confidence, and feel great. This lead to the realisation of what could naturally motivate him to wake up every day and be happy. Through the positive energy acquired from fitness, Marco decided that he wanted to help others build a successful, positive, and balanced life through improving their health and fitness.